Local Insurance Agents Provide Value above 800 Number & Online Offerings

Today, the fingertip convenience of purchasing both products and services is reaching an all-time high.  Even those individuals not yet devotees of online purchasing have altered their life time habits to save time and to access a broader spectrum of products.  However, in the world of insurance this practice is less than ideal. 

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I Hit My House With My Car. Who Pays?

We all might miscalculate our turning radius or forget to look behind us when reversing. So, if you’ve mistakenly backed your car into your house, you might wonder how your insurance will help you out. When it comes to household damage, then your homeowners insurance will often apply. Always check your policy to determine exactly how your plan will help you out, however. 

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Insurance Audits are a Pain Point for Businesses.

Business insurance policies are written on the basic of an estimate of the coverages needed to ensure that the business’ risks are covered.  Insurance companies have the option to audit a company to be sure they are insuring the business correctly and for the right price; this option is built into all business policies. Insurance audits are often one of the biggest pain points for business owners.

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Umbrella Insurance

The purpose of insurance is easy to comprehend.  Quite simply it exists to safeguard our assets, the welfare of our families, and the financial security of our businesses.  Car insurance is a necessity as is homeowner insurance. Actually, you won’t be allowed to register a car in most states or take out a mortgage without those policies.  You are not required to have umbrella insurance in most instances yet you will sleep better if you do. 

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